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Advantages & disadvantages of the Amazon Visa credit card: € 40 starting credit + 3% cashback

If you shop frequently on Amazon, then you should definitely take a closer look at the Amazon Visa credit card (publisher: Landesbank Berlin). For purchases you collect bonus points that you can use for future Amazon purchases (1 bonus point = 1 euro cent). If you are an Amazon Prime member, then you have certain advantages with regard to the card conditions compared to non-Prime members. For Prime members there is currently one for new credit card customers Bonus of € 40. Read on and find out if the card is worth it for you too!


  • No or low annual fee: Permanently free for Prime members. The 1st year is also free for non-Prime members (after that € 19.99 / year)
  • 40 € starting credit: The prerequisite is that you have never owned the Amazon credit card.
  • 2-3% cashback on Amazon purchases: As a Prime member, you collect 3 bonus points for every euro you spend on Amazon. As a non-Prime member, you collect 2 bonus points per euro. One bonus point is worth 1 euro cent = 3% cashback as a Prime member and 2% otherwise.
  • 0.5% cashback on non-Amazon purchases: You collect 1 bonus point for every 2 euros you spend, which you can then use for Amazon purchases (1 bonus point = 1 euro cent).
  • Real credit card: If you want to book your rental car with a credit card, this is possible because it is a real credit card with a credit limit and the provider can block a certain amount on the card.
  • Regardless of the current account: The credit card can be managed independently of an account with Landesbank Berlin (the issuer of the Amazon credit card). So if you have already found your current account of choice, then that is certainly an advantage.
  • Card can be kept in credit: If you transfer money to the credit card, you can increase your credit limit. Maybe you also prefer to keep the card in credit? This is possible with this.
  • Cash withdrawal from credit balances without charge: If you withdraw cash with your credit card, you pay a fairly high fee (3% but at least € 5-7.50 per transaction). But not if you have credit on your card. Then there are no fees! Before you take off, however, you should always check whether you are still above your budget, otherwise it will be expensive. For foreign currencies, you also pay the 1.75% foreign currency fee.
  • Ordinary credit limit: How high your personal credit limit turns out depends on the information provided in the application and your Schufa information. Amazon and LBB promise at least € 1,500. Not bad to start with.
  • Bank details possible in Europe: If you have your current account in another EU country and your bank participates in the SEPA procedure, then you have no problems to fear and can easily apply for the card. Many other banks require a German current account. But you still need a place of residence in Germany.
  • Google Pay: You can pay with your Android smartphone contactless and without entering a PIN with Google Pay.


  • No reimbursement of third-party fees: Unfortunately, you will not be reimbursed the fees of the machine operator when withdrawing cash. There is currently no credit card provider in Germany that enables this (except for the Commerzbank PremiumKonto, but this is not officially advertised there)
  • German residence required: The application is only possible with a German place of residence. Switzerland and Austria are also excluded.
  • High foreign currency fees: With 1.75% fees for payments in foreign currencies (dollars, pounds, kroner ...), it can quickly become expensive abroad. If you spend the equivalent of € 1,000, you pay a fee of € 17.50.
  • Cash payouts are sometimes expensive: In the case of cash withdrawals from the credit limit, high fees are incurred. In Germany this is 3%, but at least € 7.50. Abroad it is 3%, but at least 5 €. For withdrawals abroad, the foreign currency fees are also due if you withdraw a currency other than the euro.
  • Partly low cash withdrawal limits: If you collect cash from the credit limit, the payout limits are very low. In Germany it is € 1,000 for full payers and € 200 for partial payers, which you can pick up within 30 days. Abroad, it is a maximum of € 2,000 for full payers and € 1,000 for partial payers per 30 days. If you have credit on the card, you can pick up the entire credit.
  • No Apple Pay: The Amazon credit card currently only offers Google Pay and not Apple Pay. Apple Pay should follow soon.


If you often shop at Amazon and are a Prime member, you should definitely take a look at the card. For example, you could get the card exclusively for Amazon purchases. Unfortunately, the card is only partially or not at all suitable for trips outside the euro area due to the foreign currency fees and costs for cash withdrawals. The Amazon credit card can also be a good option as an alternative for your everyday purchases. For example, when American Express cards are not accepted.

If you are not a Prime member, you should also check whether the € 19.99 per year is not too expensive for you for the services. You have to make € 1,000 in sales on Amazon or € 4,000 outside of it so that you have the annual fee back in.

Alternatives to the Amazon Visa

If you want as much cashback as possible, we can also recommend the American Express Payback credit card or any other Amex card (especially with activated Turbo!).

Are you looking for a travel credit card?

Unfortunately, the Amazon credit card is not suitable as a travel credit card. However, if you are looking for an inexpensive or free travel credit card with which you can withdraw money for free and not pay any currency fees, then we have two recommendations for you.

The first recommendation is definitely the Barclaycard Visa, with which you currently even get 50 € starting credit:

As a second alternative, we can recommend the Hanseatic GenialCard:

frequently asked Questions

How quickly can I use the VISA card after applying?

According to Amazon, most applications are processed within a few seconds. If your request is confirmed, you can use the card virtually for your next e-purchases (initially with a € 210 limit)

What is the credit card limit?

The limit is initially set at € 210. After the application has been processed in full, however, the limit will be adjusted according to your details and will be at least € 1,500.

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