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Google AdSense

GoogleAdSense is the advertising network of the search engine provider Google. Website operators, also known as publishers, have the option of using Google AdSense to advertise. When visitors click on the adverts placed, the publishers receive a share of the profits.

The principle of Google AdSense is based on the fact that Google automatically content-related ads created and made available that do not belong to the Google network, in contrast to Google AdWords, in which advertisements are generated within the Google network. However, the webmasters are entitled to exclude certain advertisements. Not least because of this, Google AdSense is one of the most frequently used advertising networks on the Internet.

Special features of Google AdSense

The specialty of Google AdSense is that corresponding advertisements can be displayed based on interests, context or through so-called placement. In the case of contextual advertisements, the page content of the website on which the advertisement is to be placed is provided by a Search engine robot or crawler read out and analyzed. From a technical point of view, the display of advertisements is implemented with the help of JavaScript.

If a website operator or publisher maintains a website with information about pets, there is a good chance that advertisements will be published on the pages that are related to the topic of pets, such as: B. the appropriate accessories or toys. It is also possible to integrate the Google search function.

In this way, the advertisements can then be shown that the Search queries from a user correspond. This results in a relatively high click rate (so-called click-through rate) on the corresponding ad links, because the visitor is presented with personalized content that is individually tailored to his or her preferences and interests - even if the content is commercially sponsored.

Retargeting in Google AdSense

As an alternative method to contextual (also called content-related) ads has been using so-called retargeting for its AdSense ads since March 2010. In addition, through placement ads, advertisers have the option of controlling the use of their advertisements in a targeted manner and showing them on certain websites or entire advertising blocks.

Should it come to that on an ad space multiple advertisements come, an auction process determines which advertisement is given priority. In this case, the ad that generates the highest income (per impression or display or per click) is placed.

The page content of the partner pages is automatically analyzed by Google. It is checked whether the page content complies with the guidelines of the Google AdSense program. If, for example, the suspicion arises that the site contains offensive content - be it pornographic, violence-glorifying or other problematic content - an automatic message is sent to the partner site. After that, the site operator usually has three days to change or delete the content concerned. If the deadline is exceeded without the changes being made, there is a risk of the corresponding account being completely deactivated.

If the questionable content has been removed, the site operator can submit a request for a repeated check. In addition, personal contact between the Google AdSense program managers and the site operators is possible, although this is only possible for publishers whose pages reach around 20 million views per month and who are therefore among the so-called premium publishers.

Google AdWords

The keyword advertising program AdWords serves to locate the advertisers or advertisers. With the help of this program, both the advertisers (website operators) and the advertisers can be managed.

Part of the revenue that Google receives from advertisers through the click is passed on by the company to the advertiser. However, the fact that Google AdSense does not have a transparent cost structure or cost structure is often criticized in this context. Calculation basis disposes. Google does not tell you in advance how high the contribution is that the AdSense subscriber will receive per page view or click. On average, one generally assumes a payment of around 20 cents, which is allotted to each valid click. However, the advertiser's exact remuneration model should also be kept secret.

On the one hand, the advertiser is able to use his budget to set the costs per click himself and to vary them again at any time. Therefore it is practically impossible to calculate the payment exactly. On the other hand, the advertiser cannot influence or control the advertising in a targeted manner, so he only has a limited influence on the advertising revenue. The Google AdSense program is therefore rather determined by supply and demand.

Sign in to Google AdSense

Anyone interested can register with Google AdSense - even if they don't have their own website yet. It is also possible to link to an existing Google account. During the registration procedure, reference is made to the program guidelines. Since Google AdSense punishes any violations quickly and rigorously, it is worth reading carefully.

After completing the registration and specifying a website that is listed as a Advertising platform should serve, a review by Google AdSense employees follows. This review can take several weeks. During this time, no advertising can be shown. In principle, only high-quality websites are included in the advertising network.

Unprofessional, immature or superficial pages are rejected. In order to always guarantee its advertising partners a high quality advertising environment, Google AdSense is known for strictly enforcing its program guidelines.

Google AdSense offers a variety of options

At the heart of Google AdSense are the Display blocksthat can be integrated into the registered website and in which advertising is generated. Google AdSense offers users a wide variety of ad types and sizes. So-called text ads are used the most. There are currently 13 different ad sizes available, both horizontally and vertically.

In general, text ads are where the most clicks and profits are generated. As an alternative, banners, so-called display ads and link blocks are also offered. Mobile ads can be selected especially for the increasingly popular mobile versions of websites. These are specially adapted to users with mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Due to the many formats offered for the display blocks, these can be integrated to match the respective website.

Individual design adjustments in Google AdSense

In order to integrate the given ad units into the page not only in the appropriate format, but also in the design, Google AdSense offers users the option of adapting the appearance of the ads according to their own wishes. The frame, the title lettering and the background of text advertisements can be changed in color. Font sizes can also be varied. By individually adapting Google AdSense's ad blocks to your own website design, advertising can be placed in a conspicuous manner, but still not disruptive to the visitor.

Content adjustments in Google AdSense

The content of the advertising displayed on one's own website can also be influenced by the user. Unwanted display categories such as erotic or politics can be specifically deactivated. Which topic the faded in Ads from Google AdSense are assigned, also depends on two other factors. The first is the homepage itself, on which the respective ad unit is located. By crawling, i.e. searching the content of the respective page, Google AdSense can thematically capture the website content and display advertising on a suitable topic. The second factor is what is known as retargeting. With this technical process, Google AdSense is not based on the homepage, but on the interests of the visitor.

Earning opportunities with Google AdSense

With Google AdSense, website owners whose ads are clicked receive a share of the profit per ad click. Google keeps a commission of 32 percent. The earnings per click differ depending on the advertising placed. In general, sales of around 20 US cents per click can be expected. The remuneration varies depending on the thematic classification of the displayed advertising. The so-called click rate is decisive for the long-term earning potential with Google AdSense. This describes the relationship between the number of ads displayed and the clicks. In general, click-through rates vary from 0.5% to 5%.

With the help of the recorded monthly visitor numbers of a website, a guideline value for the possible monthly earnings can be given. The click rates achieved by individual ad units can be influenced indirectly. Through long-term analyzes, including the Connection with Google Analytics, any successes can be recorded and analyzed by optimizations carried out. Several adjustments are usually necessary for an ad unit to generate optimal profits. These changes are mostly based on the experience of the website operator.

The payout of the profits made with Google AdSense is possible from an amount of 70 euros. Possible procedures include transferring money and writing checks. The payout process can be triggered either manually or cyclically.

Google AdSense and the protection against manipulation

If the program guidelines are not followed, users are quickly excluded from the Google AdSense program. This exclusion is for life and cannot be reversed. The website on which the infringement occurred can no longer be included in the advertising network. Violations or attempts at manipulation must therefore be strictly avoided and will be recognized quickly by Google anyway.

In the case of exclusions, it can also happen that the profits generated up to that point are withheld by Google. The expulsion from the Google AdSense program due to Violations of Program Policies usually takes place without comment. Due to the comparatively very high earning potential in the German-speaking area with Google AdSense, manipulation is therefore not worthwhile.

Google AdSense: Summary

With Google AdSense, it is possible for website operators to place advertisements and to participate in the profits generated. The earning potential with Google AdSense is high compared to other providers. In addition to the high basic remuneration per click, the reasons for this are the ability to customize the ad units. For this just be high quality websites added to the network. In the event of violations of the program guidelines, the rapid exclusion takes place for life.