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Translation of "aiming at simple problems" in English

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One can also target simple problems and achieve small solutions with a big impact.

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Behind the incredibly complex title of this draft guideline is a relatively complex one simple problem.
Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, behind the incredibly complicated title of the draft directive lies a relatively straightforward problem.
If available, you can click Fix to simple problems to fix.
Increased Productivity: Learn How You Can simple problems fix it yourself and maintain your PC.
Increase your productivity: learn how to troubleshoot common problems and maintain your pc.
We optimized our inventory and reduced the number of inquiries simple problems.
Streamlined our parts inventory and reduced the volume of basic calls to our help centers.
From a dialectical point of view, they represent a very simple problem, or at least it seems so.
From a dialectical point of view, they have presented us with a very simple problem, or so it would seem.
Most simple problems solved in time 30 minutes.
Dr. Eick is obviously unable to do this by comparison simple problem to solve.
Dr. Eick is evidently not capable of solving this comparatively simple problem.
"Given the mounting xenophobia, it's not simple problem, "says Fuele.
"Given the growing xenophobia it is not an easy problem, "says Fuele.
I am very grateful for an informative answer and a quick resolution one simple problem.
I'm very grateful for an informative answer and a quick solution of a simple problem.
It really is a simple problem, with a simple Solution.
That's a whole simple problem.
A very simple problem, easy to fix.
Deleting music files from a laptop can be like a simple problem look.
Deletion of music files from laptop may look like simple issue.
There are none for consciousness simple problems.
It sounds like a simple problem.
Sometimes men my age have just problems with performance.
It seems a right simple problem to be.
So let me have a whole simple problem describe, then a second, completely simple problem and then a third, hard one problem.
Is this a simple problem, or is there more to it?
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