Is someone else reading poetry

Poetry with a differenceCanned poetry

"The free spirit lives. Above the roofs of the city. The free spirit hovers. He has no goal nor a starting point. Is in the crowd and alone. Only wants to be disrespectful."

Clueso reads the "Freigeist", a poem by Sarah Moujtahid. The 35-year-old would never have dreamed that a few years ago. She has been writing poetry since she was 18. She read it to an audience for the first time three years ago in a friend's fashion store.

"It was unbelievable. The atmosphere in the room was just that I was totally enthusiastic about it and the people were also enthusiastic. There were also a few artists in the audience who said that it was really inspiring for me. You can tell for example by being calm and thoughtful. "

The beginning of a success story

Sarah Moujtahid's idea of ​​success began on a city trip to Dresden.

"I was on my own and walked around town a bit and came to a flea market like this. And there I saw these beautiful cans, then I just bought them and then found some very nice hand-made paper. And I started taking this hand-made paper with me To label excerpts of my poems.

The cans were right next to them, then I thought, I'll put it in there first. And when I got home I saw how nice it actually looks together. "

Since then, the poet has been writing her poems in filigree handwriting on handmade paper, packing them in tin cans. The tobacco and cigarette cans are between 40 and 100 years old. Oriental motifs or all in gold.
After Sarah Moujtahid has even sold the cans in a small seasonal shop, she hardly keeps up with production.

"People drove there specially. Then I also received inquiries via e-mail, for example a woman who wrote to me from Italy, one from Flensburg, and then someone from Hessen - it seems to be arriving everywhere."

Best friend of the VIPs

Even in VIP circles. Sarah shares a circle of friends with Clueso. She specifically asked him if he wanted to read a poem.

"The free spirit is in my bones. Tried to dance it out. I won't succeed."

"I've known Sarah for a long time. Although I have to say that if I hadn't liked her poems, I wouldn't have done her a favor. I find the good work and I looked for something that I feel. And found it ne nice idea."

"If you have beautiful things, you have to think about how to sell them. I know a lot of people who write poetry and can encourage everyone to come up with something. Because I think it's better when people communicate about it or recognize each other in poems. "

Meanwhile, Curse has also read a poem and Sarah Moujtahid is talking to other artists. While many poets tend to write introverted to themselves, putting their feelings for themselves on paper, it consciously goes public.

"I just felt the need to show myself with it and I noticed that it somehow goes down really well, it touches people. And that's where I see my fulfillment when I see that I can touch other people as well as myself. "

Sarah Moujtahid writes poetry on the go or in nature. She sorts a few cans on a park bench, a young passerby looks interested. The poet spontaneously reads out:

"The poem is called 'New Sails':
Come to rest, you foolish child. Stop running and take the wind that carries the new sails. Rise away to a place that you know, says your mind, your heart knows that it was born, behind these gates of heaven. "

Always surprising

Poetry in cans - the success of the concept continues to surprise even the artist.

"For me it was unbelievable because I didn't expect it at all. It definitely motivated me to keep going, to keep spinning ideas. Even if I have the feeling that this is not something you can earn money with now somehow the shop has already proven me wrong. "