About what celebrity there are lingering rumors

Artists of the Soviet cinema of non-traditional orientation. Not everyone else: Soviet stars of unconventional orientation. The most famous real gays in Russia

The criminal article for "bullshit" in our country existed from 1934 to 1993. By the end of the 1980s, about a thousand prison men were sent to prison annually, and even in post-Soviet Russia such sentences were charged in the hundreds. At the same time, not all cases known to the authorities that have been brought to justice. In particular, this concerned the creative intelligence on which the bulk of the compromise was gathered in the part of the same salmon. However, only used it in relation to those who did not enjoy the party and government location.

Let us remember the Soviet stars of films, music and theater, which were proven or allegedly homosexual, and whose fate developed in different ways.

Georgy Millar.

The star of cult fairy tale stories of director Alexander Row, despite his popularity of his all-union, did not use the special place of Soviet power. For example, the title of People's Artist of the RSFSR was assigned to him only in 1988, when the actor was already much for 80 years old

The reason for this applies not only in social origin (Georgy Millar was the son of the French aristocrat Franz de Milly and changed the surname to not in the eyes), but also in homosexuality. The artist was even close to the glosses in the prison for their editing, and his series of friends insisted that he enter into a fictional marriage to remove the eyes. At 65, Millyar married his neighbor on a community service, 59-year-old Marie Vasilyevna. At first she did not understand the sentences and said that she did not need men to whom the groom was later largely converted with the sentence: "And I am not a man, I am Baba Yaga."

Unsurprisingly, after the death of the Alexander series in 1973, the famous actor with a "bad" reputation did not get more prominent roles, and even the apartment with his wife after the community was allocated to the community on the Moscow Ocena has been. In this stubbornness, Millar and in 1993 died a little without surviving up to 90 years.

Vadim Kozin

The legendary singer and songwriter was in the Soviet Union in the 30th and during the Great Patriotic War: during this time, more than 50 of his plates arrived in the country, followed by huge queues. He received Vadim Kozin and official recognition. It is reported that the speeches on the advanced Marshal Ivan Bagramyan personally handed him the order of the red star, and in 1943 the artist performed in the famous Tehran conference

However, Kozin's career began immediately in 1944 when he was sentenced to eight years for her attention and seduction of young people and was sent to Kolyma in Kolyma. In the real causes of such an attitude in relation to the favorite of the country there are legends, most of which are mentioned a quarrel with the powerful head of the NKVD-Lavretie of Beria. As it may be in prison, Kozin can continue to be used in creativity with the benefit of the camp administration, and was published in 1950.

Career, he rose again, and after a couple of years the singer returned to the scene of the European part of Russia. In 1959, however, an incredible thing happened: he was convicted again for the same article and sent again to Kolyma camps. This time Kozin was imprisoned until 1968, and after the liberation, the liberation lived his whole life in Magadan in the status of a local legend. He died in 1994 when he was 90 and the only Soviet celebrity to be twice convicted of homosexuality

Rudolf Nuresiev.

The first Soviet "non-return" from the artists chose to stay in the West because of his sexual orientation, which made it difficult to live in the USSR. As a young star of the Leningrad opera and ballet theater, named after Kirov (current Mariinsky), Rudolf Nureyev was able to earn a prison sentence in the "Northern Capital" for his love affairs. So, the writer Gennady Trifonov told how in 1960 he found a brilliant dancer to kiss with the cadet of the SUVOROV school right through the fence of this educational institution.

After a year, a 23 year old NUREEV decided to stay in Paris where he toured his theater. On a plane, he even threatened to commit suicide with scissors if tried to be delayed. So began his dizzying western career as well as a free sex life. From Nureyev's novels with colleagues, famous Dane Eric Brune and Novice American Robert Treci, a long and serious relationship developed

(Fragment from the memories of the famous Bulgarian ballerina Sony Aro, near Erica's girlfriend) If Brun was the only dancer who was Rudik who immediately recognized himself, he was also the only one he could show power over himself to. "Teach me that," he always said to Eric. "If Eric did a role brilliantly, Rudik didn't calm down until he did the same role so brilliantly," says Sonya. "For him it was the biggest stimulus for a very long time."

The legendary artist died, like many famous people of his sexual orientation at the time, from AIDS: in the early 80s he deceived until 1993 and was buried in the famous Parisian cemetery of Saint-Geneva de Boua.

Yuri Bogatyrev.

The actor, who strengthens Mikahalkov-director with the main role in almost all the first films by Nikita, became known to the whole country thanks to him. The first success came after Yuriu Bogatrevoy after entering the picture "His among others, someone else among his" when he was only 27 years old. At the same time, he successfully folded his theater career. Many envy the young celebrities who were even more abundant richer laurels and loud successes. In fact, however, everything turned out to be much sadder.

The fact is that since childhood the actor was not similar to his colleagues and has the extremely feminine camp of nature. He did not like to play with the boys, rather the company of the opposite sex, the soul had no kohl in the dolls, which fairy tale itself, and even put on maternal clothes and decorations. As it turned out later, it was all a sign of his sexual orientation. But it was incredibly difficult to take the truth from me, and according to his friends, this inner struggle was gradually ruining him. Did not save an actor and a relationship with men in whom he still took part

At the zenith of fame and seemingly for no reason whatsoever, Hegans began drinking, using antidepressants, frustrated and lost form. In 1988 he was assigned the title of People's Artist of the RSFSR and January 9th next year Detected in an apartment with a heart attack. Doctors hired an actor, Clofelin, who is incompatible with the antidepressants he had taken the night before, and as a result, he died the next day. At the time of death, Bogatyrev was only 41 years old

They often play secular lions and sexual dives in movies and TV shows, but in reality preferences their own are preferred. Only fans don't always know about it. For example...

Greta Garboy.

One of the first whose orientation raised doubts was the beauty of Greta Garbo. The actress never got into anything he preferred for women, but her biographers got the idea that if she wasn't a lesbian, then a bisexual. In addition, some of her partners were discussed in relationships with Garbo. First it was actress Lilian Tashman, then Fifi d'Orse, and the author Mercedes de Actuat, and published the memoir, which openly told of her relationship with Garla (as well as Isador Duncan and Marlene Dietrich).

Carey Grant.

On the legs of this man's men - otherwise you will not say - fallen with piles. He could choose, but his heart was inclined towards men. Although Carey Grant was married four times, his child only had one daughter, Jennifer Grant. With numerous marriages, he hid his sexual orientation, which was just a secret of Polyschinel. The whole truth was revealed during the filming of the documentary about the actor, he turned out to be homosexual and directed with a man for more than ten years.

Samantha Fox.

Everyone remembers one of the sexy singers of the 80s. In the houses of Russian boys, posters with a luxurious bust of Samantha hung near the photo of Pamela Anderson and other sex bombs. But just a fox caught out. Samantha once stated that he was in love with a woman. “It took me too much time to understand: I am really a lesbian. I wanted to show everything we are happy with. And that we are just as normal as any straight couple.” Samantha regrets that he does not have children with his partner Manager of the world Stretton may have. But he feels with her like behind the stone wall.

Ricky Martin.

In the 90s, thousands of young women went crazy about this hot man. Empty pretty broke many girls heart. He conquered women not only from the backdrops of concert halls, but also from the television screen that was filming in the series. And although Ricky Martin often appeared in public with beautiful women, angry rumors went about his non-traditional orientation. Therefore, its recognition in 2010 did not surprise anyone. However, the singer claims that he loved all of his wives too.

James McGirth.

Former New Jersey Governor James McGuri had been married to Canadian Karen Joan Schulz for six years. Then he married the second time, on your Matos from Portugal. Which later wrote in his memoir that he would never marry McGrew if he knew he was gay. The governor himself admitted that he was gay and that he had an association with a man. The former governor now lives with her husband, a law professor at Kin University in New Jersey. After leaving Governor McGrevi’s Post Office, he studied in New York Spiritual Seminary for a master’s degree in theology.

Cynthia Nixon.

The cult series "Sex in the Big City" tells of four women, tirelessly critical problems with men. But here is one of them in real life There are no problems with men as women are preferred. Cynthia Nixon, who played the role of Miranda Hobbs, was married. In this marriage two children were born, in which the actress Christine Marini brings with his current partner.

Sarah Gilbert.

The actress became famous thanks to the TV series "Rosanna", in which the long nine years were shot. In the last few years the TV series "Theory" big bang flashes from time to time in the role of Leslie Winskl. Behind the back of the actress there are two lesbian marriages and ... three children. Two of them are biological mothers. Sarah Gilbert currently lives with singer Linda Perry.

Jim Parsons.

Another star of the TV series "Theory of the Big Bang", painted in homosexual colors - Jim Parsons. In the series, he plays the role of an eccentric scientist Sheldon Cooper, who, due to his unbearable character, constantly contradicts with others. The actor never hid his orientation. For ten years he has lived with a friend who has been Henger for four years. And Jim Parsons regularly receives awards from associations that support gay and lesbian people.

Cristiano Ronaldo.

The striker "Real Madrid" and the Portuguese national team Cristiano Ronaldo himself entered a month ago in a non-traditional orientation. Apparently, he just had no way out: a year ago he was suspected of having a love affair with a man. Over the air, French TV host Daniel Riolo said the soccer star is in homosexual relationships with the Dutch kickboxer of Moroccan origin from BADR Hari. In evidence of his words, the TV host brought the data to the Spanish press, which reported that Ronaldo spent a fabulous amount, about $ 21 million on flights on a private plane in Morocco in Morocco for meeting a friend.

Richard Cromwell

A stunning American actor who rose to fame thanks to his roles in old films. And even in these "forbidden" times, Cromwell preferred a male company. Despite this, he married a woman - actress Angela Lansbury. True, not for long. Their marriage lasted only a year. And both later admitted that their union was a mistake.

Jane Lynch.

Jane Lynch really looks like your typical lesbian. It is known to the audience for the role of the coach of the support team in the series "Choir" and on the roles in other films and TV shows, for which the actress received many prestigious awards. Jane Lynch is an active defender of gay rights.

Anthony Perkins.

Famous actor Anthony Perkins starred in many films. It gets strongest to the audience on the orderly beats on the role of Manyak Norman in Alfred Hichkoka's thriller "Psycho". He starred in the second part of the film, and in the third he made a director. But the real "psycho" for the actor was the struggle against their unconventional orientation. Anthony Perkins first appeared from her, but then a special therapy course was passed and even married. Two children were born in marriage. However, the end of his life was sad. The actor died of AIDS in 1992.

Jody Foster.

The first success came in 1991 in the actress, after the role of FBI agent Claris Starling. Soon after, she openly stated her alternative orientation. And although the actress has two sons, the names of their fathers are unknown that day. Jody Foster holds a degree from American Yale University. It regularly appears on the list of Most Influential American Gays and Lesbians.


Recently to a successful model and actress recently admitted that the question of his sexual orientation was decided from childhood, but for the first time fell in love with the girl for the first time only in twenty years. Kara Meleuvin does not call herself "one hundred percent lesbian", she had relationships with women and men, and therefore she does not limit herself to homosexual or bisexual orientation, neither to heterosexual orientation.

Neil Patrick Harris

The blonde actor became famous in the Amplua hero lover and woman. He looked out for the role of Barney Stinson on "How I Met Your Mother". In it he appears as a painful seducer, ready for anything to drag the girl in bed. However, in real life, the actor prefers men, and also promotes loyalty to the coffin. In his sexual orientation, Nile Patrick Harris got it in 2006. At that time, he had lived with his current husband, David Bartka, for two years. Together they bring twins, a boy and a girl who was born to a surrogate mother in 2010.

No matter how carefully the censors did not hide the details of the intimate life of Soviet society, the information is still leaked. Today it will be about Soviet celebrities who had an unconventional orientation.

1. Georgy Millar.

Georgy Frantsevich was very noticeable. There were various rumors about the lack of personal life in the actor. Some wrote about youth violations due to first wife betrayal, others said Millar was not interested in marriage when he knew he would have no children. Of course, the actor has also attributed love for men.
The actor himself was not recognized in this one, but his personal characteristic of himself is alarming: "I am everything devil Our cinema."
As a result, Millyar married 65 years old - on a community service to his neighbor by whom he had been friends for many years. Until the end of life, the spouses kept a warm relationship.

2. Sergey Eisenstein.

The director of world level Eisenstein turned out to be homos * XASUALIST. Sergey had a wife, but he spent most of his time with men. Once he declared: "If not Marx, Engels and Lenin, I would be the second Oscar Wilde."
3. Yuri Bogatyrev.
The magnificent actor could not accept his true entity. He perceived it as a disease himself. His behavior can be called "it is, among other things, someone else among theirs."
Internal agony led Yuri to severe depression and alcoholism, which is noticeably shortened by the life of the famous actor.

4. Fain Ranevskaya.

The personal life of the famous actress is already being discussed. Most conclude that FAINA still preferred women. It becomes clear when you carefully examine her biography and statements.
Just remember the famous: "Lesbianness, Homos * Xualism, Masochism, Sadism is not a perversion.Perverse, actually only two: hockey on the grass and ballet on the ice! "

5. Julia Lemigova.

Lemigova was the last "Miss USSR". She moved to the United States for a long time, and since the early 2000s, tennis player Martin Navratilova met. In 2014, the lovers decided to get married in New York.

6. Sergey Paradzhanov.

The brilliant director was open to * Xsala. Marriage did not bother him to bed with men. In 1974 he was sentenced for editing it. In the graduation of Paradzhanov he stayed for 4 years, for which he tried to commit suicide several times.

7. Rudolph Nuriev.

World Glory did not seek help to avoid Nuriyev's punishment for editing them, so he had to flee the West. This law was even symbolically called the "leap to freedom". Rudolph flew with the kiss in the divisions of strangers, calling it an ancient Russian tradition.

8. Vadim Kozin.

The legendary singer received the order of the red star for inspiration from fighters on the front lines. But the former merit didn't help Kozin when he was accused of blaming homosexual dials.
He was the only Soviet artist to be convicted of bullshit twice. Punished for his orientation, he spent 15 years in camps.

It is a shame that the great people had to be so great because of the persecution of the state. Orientation should not be a reason for imprisonment.
If they felt safe, they could get involved in art, keep their fans excited.

Famous men who thoroughly hide their personal lives from annoying journalists may not be interested. And if they're also beautiful, talented, and damned attractive, then their Mysterious awakens an unbearable desire to get to the truth.

It is not surprising or a drop, because what is carefully hidden behind the seven castles always leads to the most outstanding reflections. We have prepared for you selection of representatives of the domestic show businessabout the non-traditional orientation of which there are persistent rumors. When some are literally written on the forehead, you cannot tell others to others!

Sergey Lazarev.

And let the inconservable army of fans of the singer reject in such rumors, more and more gossip goes the fact that Serza Lazarev is far from ideal. Prima donna herself has repeatedly spoken about the singer's unconventional orientation, which leads the latter into a state of shock.

"Do not marry lonely! And you are not standing at all, I see. You personally need a friend, a partner in life. Because all these noises, they go and come. I know that you have a friend and assistant Misha. And me just congratulate you on the fact that he loves you very much. ""Alla Borisovna once said.

Novel with Leroy Kudryavtseva it turns out that it should remove the eyes?

Nikolai Tsikaridze.

Ballet artist Nikolai Tsikaridze does not like to talk about personal life and is in no hurry to create a family. Charming Tsiskaridze completely and often barely and boldly hides the involvement in the LGBT community on similar topics.

Oleg Menshikov.

Fans of the handsome actor are hard to believe, but more and more sources confirm: "Oleg Menshikov loyal to the representatives of strong sex ..." Well, loving whom is a purely personal business. Do not judge us!

Nikolay Baskov.

"Kolya - the best complexed gay.I always met! " - once announced the singer's ex-producer. Even if the rumors about the artist's unconventional orientation do come true, it is unlikely that it will be decided that he is performing as children. Such an explanation will certainly not understand the more strict appearance of mature women. And they are known - the main audience of the charming singer.

Viktor Sukhorukov.

Victor Sukhorukov - one of the secretaries of Russian cinema. In the 66 years the artist has no wife and children. In one of the interviews, he said that his celibacy was some kind of sacrifice put on the altar of art. The wide-ships are convinced, however, that the artist simply does not want to advertise his unconventional orientation.

Evgeny Mironov.

Another bachelor of Russian show business, rumors of the unconventional orientation, of which the network did not migrate in the first year. A few years ago social networks Literally the news that Mironov signed a homosexual marriage With actor Sergey Stakhov. The message was fake but talks about strange additions, don't subscribe. A man's riddle, no different.

Maksim Galkin.

The humorist and for many years the favorite of the Primateonnas on the Russian stage have long been traced back to an unconventional orientation, namely a love affair with a colleague at the workshop Maxim Drobotenko..

Like, "friends" spend a lot of time together, stopping in a room while you travel, and looking each other eye in the eye. Fans of the star couple of Pughalkins of such rumors refuses to believe, because Alla Borisovna can not get married to Gay!

Andrei Malakhov.

Andrei Malakhov and his companion Natalia Shkuleva since 2011, but the spouses speak extremely little about their personal life. There have been caustic rumors in the press lately that Malakhov's marriage is just a fiction. Rumor has it that Natalia has another loving husbandthat does not live in Russia, but for Malakhov this marriage is a way to hide his unconventional orientation.

By the way, Andrei Malakhow is so intelligent and kind that the fans would certainly have an earlier reason for the most outstanding statements.

Alexander Rybak

The famous singer from Norway has long said that the girls do not interest him because his heart is busy. It is believed that the fisherman revealed his orientation in order to draw his person's attention to the Eurovision song competition.

And the fans of a handsome artist flatly refuse to take his words seriously and simply do not believe that their darling prefers men.

Philip Kirkorov.

Well, and how to look like without all that favorite Philip Kirkorov, whose personal life, And the behavior of behavior is related to a lot of questions about the orientation of the prey singer. It is ruled that he filmed his young lover in the clip for the song "Snow", and the song itself is dedicated to him.

True, it's a lie either, we're not known. Troubled rumors about the non-traditional orientation of these stars of the National Show business can only confirm sincere curing.

However, such recognition is fear of damaging career, losing the army of fans and getting a bad reputation. But some of the celebrities are still resolved for a confession in the face of the public, and those are just on hand by the way!

And how do you feel about such rumors? We are sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments.

In the Soviet era, homosexuality was not only condemned by society, but also punished by the law on the article "Mozaleoz". Hence, the absolute majority of people with unconventional sexual orientation hide in all respects. Among them were the stars. We learn how their fate developed.

The correct name is Fanna Hishesshen Feldman. Born in Taganrog in 1898 into a Jewish family. Since childhood loved the theater and became an actress. For more than 20 years worked in the theater. Moss times where he gained fame. Then she started filming. She was called the "Queen of the Second Plan", and today Ranevskaya is recognized as the frontier of the best Soviet actress of the twentieth century.

However, personal life was not as successful as the actor. Contemporaries repeatedly noted their indifference to men and passion for beautiful women. It was traced back to an affair with the actress Pavel Wolf, with whom they lived for several years. Some argue that it was the only love in their life. In addition, Ranevskaya was not seen in novels with men, which again confirms his unconventional orientation.

The actress herself did not make any official acknowledgment on this, but once expressed the idea that lesbianism and homosexuality are not perversions.

Soviet pop singer, poet and composer. Born in St. Petersburg in 1903. The singer's career began with sound silent films, later began to play on the stage. In the 1930s. gained great popularity in the USSR. The queues were built at his concerts, and even the riots began to buy a ticket. During the great Patriotic War, he spoke to the Red Army to raise the fighting spirit.

In 1944, he disappeared from Pop at the end of the war, and his records stopped selling in stores. The reason is the conflict with Beria over the evacuation from the Leningrad blockade of the local child who died there. It was arrested in May 1944, and in February 1945 the sentence of three articles, including those for men, was convicted. He received camps for 8 years. The singer was ahead of schedule, however, which released 1950 for approximate behavioral values.

In 1959 he was convicted under the article "Mozaleoz" and spent 2 years in the camps. Liberated in 1961, the famous singer completely disappeared from Soviet pop. Died in 1994.

Kozin himself never made comments about sexual orientation, but his contemporaries did not doubt it. The singer didn't start the novels with women who prefer a male company. He barely tried to hide homosexuality, but it turned out he didn't get out.

Born in Riga in 1947. Fame got after the debut film of the director Nikita Mikhalkov "His among others, someone else among his". Then on the actor fell proposals for roles in films. However, fame did not bring joy in life, and Yuri developed depression. He suffered from alcoholism and was burdened by society.

The reason for such behavior was unconventional sexual orientation. The truth was revealed by his wife, actress Nadezhda Graya, who admitted that the marriage was fictional to hide the Bogatyrev's homosexuality. The actor died in 1989 after a heart attack. Doctors tried to save him by giving him intravenous clofeline, but the antidepressants he was taking on Eva caused anaphylactic shock and cardiac arrest.

Soviet ballet artist. Born in Irkutsk in 1938. In the USSR in the USSR with its performances on the stage in ballet productions won. He was popular and in the west. In one of the tourists in Paris, the KGB staff watching Nuriev wanted to levy the artist in the USSR to violate the regime. Rudolf Khametovich refused, for which he was convicted in absentia, to be granted his home for a period of 7 years.

In the USSR, NUTEV did not return and did not stay in Paris, later moving back to Denmark as France refused political refugee status. In Copenhagen he met the Danish dancer Eric Brune. They were a couple for 25 years. Although rumors that Nuriyev preferred an unpredictable sex life, and at the same time to meet with several men.

He died in 1993 from complications caused by AIDS.

Soviet director of theater and cinema. Born in Riga in 1898. Since childhood he was art, especially music and theater. After the creation of the cinema, the new kind of art was inserted and became the director. He recorded such films as "Alexander Nevsky", "Potmkkin's Armadiolus", "Ivan Grozny", etc.

He was married, but it didn't stop him dating men. He is returned to the novel with actor Gregory Alexandrov, which lasted several years. Eisenstein himself led the mysterious life and did not get unconventional orientation in order not to get into the process.

The famous Soviet actor theater and cinema. Born in Moscow in 1903. It became famous for its roles of negative characters, including the role of Baba Yaga in Vasilisa Beautiful, the executioner in "Ordinary Miracle" and a miracle yudo in the movie "Barbara-Beauty, a Long Braid".

Not married with age. Little is known about personal life. Didn't start the novels with women. Information about the alternative orientation of the actor came from the neighbor Millar. He often only arranged noisy parties in a male company. Married 65 years old. As they say, not to be convicted of men and get rid of the reputation of a homosexual.

In Soviet times, unconventional sexual orientation was prosecuted by law. It was easy to get through the trial and get sentenced to the camp. This complicated the lives of celebrities with homosexual tendencies as their personal lives were in sight.