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Louisiana Motor Vehicle Commission Trying to Stop Tesla Warranty Repair in Service Center, Here's How You Can Help

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Thousands of Tesla owners in Louisiana could lose the manufacturer's only service center in the state as the Motor Vehicle Commission tries to prevent Tesla from doing warranty repairs there.

Tesla currently has a service center in Louisiana that makes life easier for thousands of Tesla car owners across the state. This ensures that owners can get quick service when needed without having to travel to another state, which is a major hurdle. While residents of the state rely on this service center to make sure their vehicle runs smoothly and safely, the Louisiana Motor Vehicle Commission is actually trying to prevent Tesla from doing warranty repairs there. If they did find their way, Tesla owners would be forced to travel to another state to get service and the service center may have to close.

While the Motor Vehicle Commission is exploiting loopholes in Louisiana law to force Tesla out of the state at the expense of inconvenience and trouble for its own residents, the situation is not hopeless. The company's top priority is to improve the quality of customer service, as well as increasing the number of jobs and the growth of the state economy. As a result, Tesla is urging Louisiana Tesla owners to take action that will limit their legal right to warranty service for their car in their home state.

The Motor Vehicle Commission is appointed by Governor Edwards and may allow Tesla to continue to provide all service, warranty repairs and otherwise for the company's car owners and prevent the possible closure of the only service center in Louisiana. Closing this center would put jobs and consumer safety in Louisiana at risk.

Tesla is asking you to think about contacting the governor now and discuss how urgently you need the Tesla Service Center and its services.

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