What is it like to work for Target?

Work and goals

Protect human rights - promote international understanding


The facts are inhuman and unimaginable: Every day over 8,000 girls and women are robbed of their genitals and dignity. A victim every 11 seconds (!) Over 150 million women worldwide are affected, most of them Muslim. Our strategy is unprecedented and unique because it is: "With the ethics and power of Islam for an end to FGM." TARGET sought dialogue with Islamic authorities in order to win them over as allies in the fight against the bloody custom. A success story began.

Since female genital mutilation is incorrectly justified with holy scriptures and religious duty and most of the victims are Muslims, we see the power of Islam as the greatest chance to end the cruel tradition. We pursue the goal of declaring the custom in all countries to be incompatible with the Koran and the ethics of Islam, as discrimination against Islam, presumptuousness and sin. High-ranking Islamic authorities have joined this alliance. The main area of ​​our work is currently the African continent.

By organizing and financing conferences, TARGET reaches opinion leaders as multipliers in the respective country. At the same time, TARGET carries out awareness campaigns on the subject of female genital mutilation (FGM) by distributing the "Golden Book" together with imams in mosques in the affected countries. "The Golden Book" proves through fatwas (religious reports from high-ranking Islamic scholars) the statement: "Female genital mutilation is a sin and violates the highest values ​​of Islam." The imams are the mouthpiece for the "Golden Book", so the news reaches from the mosque to the remotest corners of the country, providing active and lasting protection for girls and women!

In addition, TARGET has brought medical aid to the Ethiopian desert: The obstetrics clinic is available to the abused girls and women of the Afar people. In the middle of a stone desert, far away from civilization, the place of hope was created to provide the victims of female genital mutilation with urgently needed medical care, prenatal care and obstetrics. About 50 permanent Ethiopian specialists and a German team of doctors and projects provide medical care to more than 150,000 people in a catchment area of ​​over 70,000 square kilometers.


With every euro donated, the project receives 79 cents!

TARGET works on a non-profit basis and is financed exclusively through donations. We guarantee you: We are responsible for ensuring that your help reaches the local people! Our projects are only possible due to the voluntary work of doctors and people who support the project financially. With a small team and many voluntary helpers, we keep the costs as low as possible, because we want to achieve as much as possible with your donation. You can find more information about donations and expenses under "Finances".