Is TrueCrypt safe

Is TrueCrypt Really Safe?

I go through the article point by point:

Nobody knows who wrote TrueCrypt. Nobody knows who is running TC.

Immediately afterwards, a quote says that the brand is held by Tesarik, who lives in the Czech Republic. It's pretty safe to assume that anyone who owns the brand cares for the product.

Moderators in the TC forum block users who ask questions.

Is there any evidence of this or is it just anecdotal? And by evidence, I mean first-person evidence, screenshots, etc.

TC claims to be based on Encryption for the Masses (E4M). They also claim to be open source but do not maintain any public CVS ​​/ SVN repositories

Source control is certainly an important part of a group programming project, but the lack of it doesn't detract from the credibility of such a project.

and not issue change logs.

Yes, they do. Not all OSS publish extremely clear change logs because sometimes it's just too much time.

They ban people from the forums asking for change logs or old source code.

Because it's a stupid question considering there is a changelog and old versions are already available.

They also silently change the binaries (MD5 hashes change) with no explanation ... zero.

Which version is it? Is there any other evidence? Downloadable, signed old versions?

The trademark is held by a man in the Czech Republic ((REGISTRANT) Tesarik, David INDIVIDUAL CZECH REPUBLIC Taussigova 1170/5 Praha CZECH REPUBLIC 18200.)

So what? Someone in the Czech Republic owns a brand for an important encryption technology. Why does it matter?

Domains are registered privately via proxy. Some people claim it has a back door.

Who? Where from? What?

Who knows? These people say they can find TC volumes:

Duh, the TC volumes in the screenshot are all END WITH.

And anyone seen this picture on the contact page?