Are oxygen and air the same?

What is air

Even if it seems invisible, there is air. It's always there and needs space.

You can already see that when you blow up a piece of chewing gum or make soap bubbles! The more air you use, the bigger the chewing gum or the soap bubble becomes - until they burst with a "pop".

Air is a gaseous substance and, like all other substances, has properties - air has a volume and takes up space.

Components of the air

Air is a mixture of different gases. It consists of many small particles that are so tiny that we cannot see them at all: the molecules.
The most important molecules in the air are nitrogen (N2), oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2). We and almost all living things need oxygen to breathe. Carbon dioxide is vital for plants.

Visible air?

Usually we cannot see the air. But there are situations in which it becomes visible or even noticeable.

If you blow underwater with a straw, you can observe the air in bubbles rising to the surface of the water. Air is also visible when it is very cold outside. Then we can see the smoke rising from the chimneys - or the warm air we breathe.

If the air is very hot, there can be mirages. The air is reflected in deserts, for example, when the air over the hot sand is strongly heated. Then a so-called mirage forms.