How can I hate my crush

My crush hates me - what should I do?

Dr. Sommer team: start letting go of him!

Dear Verena,

If your crush is really not interested in you, then you have two main options: Go on raving in silence or start forgetting about them. Because the third option would be to actively advertise for him. And in your case it sounds pretty hopeless if you already use the word "hate". So don't bother yourself with trying to make him aware of you and your assets. It just hurts.

The best thing to do is to take as much distance from him as possible. That means you avoid places where you could see him or hear something about him. This means that you shouldn't look for him at school, in your free time or on the internet.
This has the advantage that your longing for him is not fueled again and again by new contact and new information.

Instead, get distracted and do things that you almost certainly won't see him do and that have nothing to do with him either. Do something with people who change your mind and have fun. Often this carries over the greatest grief.

If the pain is still too great, take time for it. Just don't let it drag you down permanently. For example, take an hour in the evening to calmly think about your crush. Listen to beautiful music that brings you closer to your feelings and let your feelings and thoughts run free. Perhaps you would like to paint or write something about it so that the thoughts can flow out of you and get a new place on the paper.

It will certainly be some time before the sight of him and the thought of him no longer hurt so much. But be sure: one day you can meet him and be over him. How long this takes is different for everyone.

We wish you that your heart will soon recover from this lovesickness.

Your Dr. Sommer team
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