Why is Houseparty taking off

How do you use Houseparty on a computer?

The popular app that is great for video chatting with friends is available on PC and Mac.

With a beta version of Houseparty you can use the web version of the application. Photo credit: Houseparty.

Houseparty is one of those mobile apps that quickly invaded homes and made its way into many people's daily lives, especially during this time of general incarceration. In March 2020 she recorded more than 50 million new inions on her platform.

If you want to use Houseparty on your computer to enjoy a bigger screen during your video calls, you can.

Download the Houston web application Simply download the

Download the web version of Houseparty for macOS or Chrome.

A PC will open the application in a tab of the Chrome browser. It asks you to know yourself with your login details. If you don't already have an account, Houseparty can create one on a computer.

Turn on notifications so you don't miss any chats from your friends.

Once Chrome is connected to your Houseparty account, Chrome will offer to enable notifications on your desktop so you don't miss any calls or chats from your friends. If you opt out of this step, you can later enable these notifications by clicking the green Enable button in the top right of the main screen. You will also need to activate the camera and microphone on your desktop to use the Houseparty features.

A Bigger Screen for Your Video Calls The Houseparty application on the PC consists of a big screen and a side menu on the left that retracts to reveal a wider view of your contacts. At the top of this menu, you can easily add new people to chat in the search bar. Below this search bar is the list of your friends you are already connected with and the ones the app suggests you invite them from your contacts in the mobile version. Start a video chat at Houseparty on a computer

Is in your online friends list JOIN

The> button allows you to quickly start a video call in the web version of the application. The main screen is divided into two parts: your friend on the right and you on the left. At the bottom of the main screen you will find Houseeparty's features that allow you to manage your video chats according to your needs Settings:
    The screw: to access the settings and change the camera and microphone source, The camera: to activate or deactivate your webcam, The padlock: to lock a room and secure your video chat, Le microphone: to activate or disable the web application sound, screen sharing: choose what you want to share with your contacts during a video chat (the entire screen, window or tab of your browser), the cross: to end a video chat.
If Houseparty's strength lies in its interactive side, especially when you chat with your friends while starting one of the proposed mini-games, the web application is a bit disappointing on this point: games and quizzes are not offered in this version of the Houseparty Desktop Beta . You can only start a video call with your friends and send messages in a private written chat. Send written messages to your friends by clicking on the name of one of your friends on the left in the sidebar, a window will open with various options: the green button in the form of a phone to start a video chat and the emoji in the form of a main to a Hello to send. A notification will then be sent to your contact letting them know that you want to speak to them. Other options are available in this window, such as: B. the ability to send a written message. To do this, simply enter your text in the field that appears and click the blue Submit button. This written chat is useful if, for example, you want to chat with a friend when you have already started a conversation in one of the app's rooms. Your various exchanged messages will be displayed in this conversation window. By clicking the customization button at the top right of this window you can activate one of the two available modes with Houseparty:
    Ghosting: If you don't want any of your friends to be notified as soon as you connect to Houseparty, In the House: To find out if your friends are online at Houseparty.
It is also possible to delete, block or report any of your friends in the event of a problem with the application. The Chrome Houseparty Extension

In addition to accessing the web version of Houseparty, the application suggests installing the extension in Chrome in order to make it easier to use. To do this, click the Add to Chrome button on this page

. Houseparty's Chrome extension is a great way to see if your friends are online and quickly video chat with them. Once installed, a number will appear next to the Houseparty icon once your friends are connected to the app. Clicking the expand icon will open a window with the list of your existing contacts. You can start a video chat right away by clicking the CONNECT button, or notify them that you are available by clicking the hand-shaped button (say hello). With the extension you can also choose your status within the application:
    Online: your friends can join you, Around: your friends can say hello to you, Offline: your friends cannot reach you.

To activate one of these three modes, open the menu by clicking on the arrow next to your nickname in the extension window.
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