Nagpur is the new mega city of Maharashtra

Maharashtra, India

This state in western India is about the size of Italy and home to 9.5% of all Indians.

Mumbai (Bombay), the capital of Maharashtra, is the largest city in India and at the same time one of the most important economic centers of the entire subcontinent. Other important metropolises are Nagpur and Pune, whereby Pune can be regarded as the cultural capital and has also developed into an IT center. In addition, Maharashtra is the richest state in India with the highest per capita income and a GDP - share of over 14%.


The Western Ghats, better known as Sahyadri, are a hilly landscape that runs parallel to the coast. To the west of the hill are the KonkanCoastal plains with a width of 50km - 80km. East of the Ghats is the flat one Deccan plateau. The major rivers to the east, especially the Godavari River, and the river Krishna form one of the largest catchment areas in India. But rivers that flow towards the west also originate in the ghats and flow into the Arabian sea.

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Maharashtra has a tropical monsoon climate. From March to mid-June it is very hot and dry, from mid-June to the end of September the hot and humid monsoon season dominates and from the beginning of October to mid-February it is pleasantly "cool" and dry.

Protected areas in Maharashtra

In order to conserve biodiversity, there are several national parks and tiger reserves. The natural riches lie particularly in the Vidarbha region.

  • Chandoli National park (great variety of flora and fauna, famous Prachitgad Fort and Chandoli dams as well as some scenic waterfalls)
  • Gugamal National Park, also called the Melghat Tiger Reserve
  • Navegaon National Park near Nagpur is home to many species of birds, deer, bears and leopards
  • Pench National park with a new tiger project.
  • Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai / Bombay (Borivali National Park) is the world's largest national park within a city boundary.
  • Sagareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary with ancient Hindu and Jain temples
  • Tadoba Andhari Tiger Project, an outstanding tiger reserve near Chandrapur in Vidarbha.

Culture and people

The Maharashtrians pride themselves on their history and language Marathi. More than three quarters of the residents are Hindus, there are also members of the Muslim, Christian and Buddhist faiths. In Maharashtra you will discover a lot many temples, some of them are several hundred years old.

As in most Indian states, people love their local folk music (Gondhal Lavani, Bharud, Powada) - especially in the rural areas. In the metropolitan areas, the style of the Hindi and Marathi film industry is becoming more and more popular. Bollywood, the world famous film industry from India, is based in Mumbai (Bombay).

The largest festival of the Maharashtrians lasts more than ten days. Ganeshotsav in honor of Ganesha (god of learning and knowledge) is celebrated with much reverence throughout the state. Every year a huge number of people make the pilgrimage (often on foot) Pandharpur for pilgrimage in the month of Ashadh.

Other important festivals

  • Shivaratri (Night of Shiva)
  • Gokul Ashtami (or Krishna Janmashtami, Krishna's birthday)


The cuisine in Maharashtra varies depending on the region, with people in the Konkan region preferring a mainly rice-based diet with fish (proximity to the sea). In eastern Maharashtra, dishes made with wheat, jowar and bajra are popular.

Did you know that a lot of people love the sport of cricket? Next Cricket also becomes common Kabaddi (Team sports) and played hockey.

Have fun and lots of impressions on your trip to Maharashtra!

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Incidental info

In conversation, you always treat locals with the necessary appreciation. Pay attention to the local habits.

Take a decent vacation: The emission of the greenhouse gas CO2 for the flight can be compensated, for example with the Swiss organization myclimate. Reduce your water requirements (e.g. with shorter showers). Avoid unnecessary rubbish. Advocate local retailers rather than large corporations.

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