Queen Elizabeth II eats breakfast

Queen Elizabeth II: Royal menu - that's what the monarch puts on the table

Humans are creatures of habit - royals are no exception. A new book now reveals what has landed on Queen Elizabeth II's plate for decades

Royals are only human - and especially loyal ones at that. As the recent book "Dinner at Buckingham Palace" by Paul Fishman and Fiorella Busoni, based on the diaries and notes of servant Charles Oliver, reveals, Queen Elizabeth II has had certain favorites since the war years.

The queen loves fish

One anecdote is particularly touching: in the old days, when little Elizabeth was not yet queen, she and her sister Margaret played at Windsor Castle. The girls smelled a delicious smell, and in search of its origins, they came across the private kitchen of the housekeeper Alice Bruce. She was just preparing smoked herring - to this day one of the favorite dishes of the English Queen, who likes to eat it at any time of the day or night.

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But not only smoked herring, haddock is said to have done to the monarch as well. Even at breakfast, the head of the British royals often and gladly reaches for fish dishes. As "hellomagazine.com" reports, the former chef of Buckingham Palace, Darren McGrady, has outed the Queen as "Chocoholic". She has a weakness for food that can be procured from her own property, such as salmon from the River Dee near Balmoral.

Delicacies are not a must

Elegant dishes such as caviar or truffles cannot score points with Elizabeth. McGrady once told the Daily Telegraph that the Queen only enjoyed truffles if they were given to her for Christmas.

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