What are the risks of taking acetaminophen

Take paracetamol with caution

Paracetamol is available from pharmacies without a prescription. But it is and will remain a drug with risks and side effects - especially if it is taken for too long or in too high a dose.

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There is no general prescription requirement for the pain reliever paracetamol.

Many people quickly turn to paracetamol when they experience pain. In principle, the drug is also considered to be well tolerated. But: it is not entirely without it. This is indicated by the Landesapothekerkammer Hesse.

Paracetamol: Do not take too long or too much

It is therefore important not to use the drug for a long time and not to exceed the maximum daily dose. This is four grams for adults and is taken one to four times a day. There should be six to eight hours in between. If the pain does not go away after taking paracetamol for a short period of time, you should consult a doctor who will find the cause of the pain.

Paracetamol can damage the liver

If you simply continue to use paracetamol permanently, you risk various side effects. These include, for example, an increase in liver values ​​and disorders in blood formation. It is also very important not to take paracetamol and drink alcohol at the same time: both are broken down by the same enzyme system. Under certain circumstances, this can lead to an increased formation of substances harmful to the liver. Patients with liver and kidney dysfunction should only take paracetamol in consultation with their doctor. This also applies to pregnant women.

Too much paracetamol is toxic to children

The drug is available in tablet, juice, and suppository forms. For children, parents need to make sure that the dose is lower. If they take too much, there is a risk of poisoning. Special suppositories for children already have the appropriate dose.

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