Can breed Linx with a cat

Minecraft: tame and breed cat

In Minecraft, you can tame a cat and breed little kittens. The difficult part is finding a cat first and then taming it. Here we show you exactly how to proceed and which tricks it works with.

Tame cat in Minecraft

Just as a dog evolves from a wolf in Minecraft, so a cat evolves from an ocelot. Ocelots only live in the jungle and are quite shy. In order for them to develop into a cat, you need to give raw fish to an ocelot. But that only works with raw cod and raw salmon.

  1. You have to hold the fish in your hand all the time while you carefully walk through the jungle. Since the ocelot reacts frightfully to quick reactions from you and disappears, you need to be calm.
  2. Once you've spotted an ocelot, walk slowly towards it, fish in hand. But always stop briefly so as not to frighten him.
  3. When he's close enough to you, you can give him the fish. Then red hearts rise, but the ocelot usually does not develop into a cat yet. You have to give him some more fish.
  4. This is also where the difficulty lies: you have to wait between 5 and 10 seconds before you can feed him fish the second time. Only when the hearts are gone can they give him fish again and the hearts rise. During this time, however, the ocelot does not stay seated or with you, but likes to disappear into the jungle. You must therefore carefully follow it. After four or five fish, the ocelot will eventually develop into a cat.

Minecraft: what you need to know about cats

  • If you have given the ocelot enough fish, it will develop into a cat. Then the cat will sit in front of you as if you were sitting down a dog. Therefore, you have to click the cat in order for it to move.
  • Just like a dog in Minecraft, the cat follows you every step of the way. If you are too fast, the cat will teleport to you. This is helpful in saving you from awkward situations (lava, deep holes, etc.).
  • Cats come in three different colors: black and white, tabby and gray. Which of the three types of cats the ocelot transforms into cannot be influenced. The kittens are the same color as their parents.
  • If the cat sits in a cart, a boat or is on a leash, it does not teleport to the owner.

Propagating cats: how to have kittens

  • For kittens, you need two cats and a fish. So you have to turn two ocelots into cats first. Then when you give the cat a raw fish, red hearts will rise above the cat.
  • Then you give the second cats raw fish, red hearts rise in theirs too and they both mate. A baby cat appears next to the two cats after just two seconds.
  • Tip: You can accelerate the growth of the baby cat with raw fish.

What do cats do in Minecraft?

  • Unlike dogs, cats do not hunt animals that are attacked. Cats do not take action against monsters either - so their use is not very great.
  • Nevertheless, they are a must for cat lovers and are cute to look at: They sit on beds as well as on stoves and chests. This can lead to problems, because then the chests can no longer be opened.
  • Tip: You can easily move the cat if it is in your way. To do this, simply run against the sitting cat, it will then be pushed in front of you.

Whenever you are in the jungle, you should also tame a few parrots. All you need is seeds and the parrots can sing and dance to record music.