How do I report a stolen guitar?

How to get stolen instruments back - Set up search agents at

Hardly a week goes by without someone posting on Facebook that their rehearsal room was emptied or that their guitar was stolen after the gig. You almost never get stolen things back. The police are powerless, the gangs are organized and if someone temporarily stores the stolen equipment before selling it, the chance that someone will recognize it is very slim.

We have two good options for how you can get stolen instruments back:

  1. Set up a search agent at and you will immediately receive an email when the stolen goods appear
  2. Prevention with GPS trackers. Read our test: GPS tracker for guitars and other stolen instruments

Set up search agents on If the thief wants to sell, you will get an email.

You can set up a search agent at who will inform you daily (weekly if desired) about newly found classified ads that match your search criteria. You won't miss any used equipment. Because no matter on which portal the thief tries to sell the stolen guitar etc., you will receive a message. This service is of course free of charge. So what have you got to lose? Of course you will have to read your way through the daily results for some time, but if your stolen instrument shows up again at the end, then it was worth it.

Install GPS tracker for instruments.

As a preventive measure, it makes sense to equip expensive instruments with a GPS tracker. If it is then stolen, the position can be located and the stolen property can be picked up with the police. However, there are significant differences in both price and quality of the trackers. Read our review of GPS trackers for guitars and other instruments. We recently tested the GPS trackers available on the market and found that there is a lot of junk involved and actually only turns out to be what you expect from it in Tracker.


If your guitar has been stolen, all you can do is set up a search agent and then just wait and see. As a preventive measure, it is therefore worth investing in a GPS tracker to quickly find stolen instruments. However, our test showed that these things are not really fully developed yet. Here it is more advisable to buy an old smartphone with GPS function and misuse it as a GPS tracker.

Set up a search agent on now for free. For stolen instruments or simply for your hunt for cool equipment and new instruments.

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