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Contribution from Elias »Wed Jun 10, 2020, 1:39 pm

GAANZ The bearing of the horizontal spindle is important with the FP2!
These are needle bearings that run directly on the shaft or in the housing, if they are not in order, it becomes really expensive, the vertical heads also start to get loud at some point.
In general, in any case, look for eaters in the guides, really shift all gears and let them run.
If the machine is in its original environment, that can also provide conclusions. Can the seller reproduce the regular maintenance work? if not, it stands to reason that he never did.

Regarding the price: there are actually always machines, especially lids, which should cost € 10,000 and more. If they are reasonably overhauled, the price is probably justified, although I would be very careful with that, there is also a lot of rubbish made and a bucket of paint is touted as a general overhaul ...
Otherwise I would not limit myself to a certain model, but see what is out there. I also think the pros and cons of most machines have been adequately discussed here.

I would recommend buying a machine with accessories. With some models it is very difficult to find accessories and with others (lids) it is simply really expensive ...

All in all, depending on the condition and equipment / accessories, you can find a good conventional milling machine that is roughly in the FP2 class in the range of 2000-4500 €, there is of course hardly any upper limit. The most important thing is patience and that one is also the fastest in case of doubt.

For transport:
There is also the question of what you can / want to pay and where the machine has to go. If possible, I would only want to pay for the transport via a forwarding agent to the first roof; I would do the rest myself depending on experience, equipment and possibilities.
It should also be noted that not every shipping company has the expertise and equipment for something like that ...
Depending on how easy the money is with you, I would try to do it in another way ...

Charging is usually possible with the help of the seller (clarify beforehand!).
You mentioned that you live in the country, so you may find someone with a wheel loader, excavator or front loader tractor to unload a narrow thaler (in my experience, farmers go and ask).

When the time has come that only the transport has to be taken over by the shipping company, it is much easier to find one or it is also much cheaper.
Alternatively, there may even be someone here in the forum who can do something like that.
all you have to do is know in which region the transport is to take place