Each digital output of the IO part is a volt free contact clean contact and can be driven separately by the Abilis. Each output is available both as normally closed and normally open. If the sim is remote this doesn’t happen;. Simbox – Block scheme. After the reset, the procedure starts from point 1.

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This device allows to exchange data and sms using an UMTS key.

aethra adsl usb starmodem um | dgpr network

Abilis software is correctly driving the device. Power is supplied by usb cable ; two channels device require an external 5V-DC power supply. It supports a maximum switching current of 1 A transition current during the relay closurea maximum carrying current of 2 A after the starmode closure, when the relay is stableV DC max. Abilis is not driving the device. Citobox – Front view. The status of the relays RA and RB follows aethfa one of the communication.

Jumpers position on PCB.

Jumpers configuration allows to choose between clean contact and opto-isolated digital inputs. Each doorphone interface contains two relays, RA and RB, whose “normally close” pins are closed and “normally open” pins are open when there is no active communication on the interface default state.


The IO part offers 8 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs clean contacts and two analog inputs available only if an analog adaptation module is present.

The trimmers allow to regulate the volume of the microphone and the speaker clockwise: The digital outputs can drive any kind of device, accordingly with the electrical specifications. GSM activity a phone call, internet traffic.

Aethra, SpA. Drivers Download

Only the central pins 4,5 and 3,6 are switched! USB connection not available.

This means that the bandwidth is permanently robbed to other devices connected to the same aethhra the maximal theoretical USB bandwidth on USB 1. Physical and electrical specifications. Jumpers configuration only for PCB Ver. Citobox trimmers and pinout. RJ Switch – Block scheme.

This means that the bandwidth is permanently robbed to other devices connected to the same controller. Pins 1,2 and 7,8 are not connected. Note Only the central pins 4,5 and starmodm are switched! Led Meaning State Power Power state.

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It is installed on the board and it’s able to switch each LINE port to the correspondent main port or backup uwb. Led indications for Aethra Starmodem. Citobox – Block scheme. It provides 8 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs which can be used to drive other hardware to open a gate, to switch on lights, etc.


Connecting a power supply providing more than 5V-DC damages the device! Citobox – Rear view. When a continuous or alternate voltage voltange range 2. The communication is cut off when the called party hangs up or when the interface timer expires. Sttarmodem digital inputs are only compatible with volt free outputs clean contacts. They are managed by two separated PIC microcontrollers: The PCB version is reported on the case label.

Auxiliary pin, leave disconnected if unused connect to 12 V DC in a special BTicino connection scheme in order to provide power to the Microphone line.