The ‘Done’ responses suggest the commands were heard and acted upon. My normal procedure at the end of a session is to click a button in my VN. I know of nothing that has changed. Any specific commands for the dome to slew will turn off slaving, and the slew will execute. Next step will be to try it out, later today. In the end I re-parked the LX and powered it down. It is very important that POTH’s notion of when the mount will flip is the same as the mount’s notion.

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Starting with the basics, please – do I need to download it, or do I already have it? Tasco 10×50 Zhumell 20×80 bino and a few other odds and ends. I am wondering if SGP can fullfill the role of the Hub?

For simple usage, just use the relevant choosers, then press [OK] to dismiss this dialog and return to the Handset.

I poyh of nothing that has changed.

POTH setup help?

Sign up ascoom a new account in our community. A new nightime session will be required to test the overall behaviour of the full system using PHD2. All modules will send commands to my mount.


Important Information By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. Clear skies to ya Jim.

Next step will be to try it out, later today. Just below that selector, click Settings The [Setup] buttons near each chooser will bring up the setup dialogs for the selected driver.

Any specific commands for the dome to slew will turn off slaving, and the slew will execute. It’s pretty neat and a lifesaver since everything wants to run through the same com port it seems.

An red “LED” in upper left of the main window ascok illuminated if a problem has been detected.

POTH Information

However the program then started having problems when connecting to ZWO ASIMC camera when starting, producing new error messages and no picture from the camera. This can happen when a driver is a simple implementation, or when potb older version 1 telescope driver is being used. SGP is not a hub itself. Also these fields xscom only used when the driver does not support the pier side tracking.

You are exactly right. Originally Posted by KeithBC. Sign In Sign Up. If this happens often, then the Traffic window should be used to diagnose the root cause of the problem.

Then after a few minutes that connection fails ppoth I have to close CdC etc. Already have an account? It might be helfpul to uncheck the ‘Can Park’ option in advanced capabilities settings ptoh POTH, but this might have the consquence that is stops option a from working.


It looks like a driver, but it can allow more than one program to connect to it, and it in turn connects to the driver for the real device.

ASCOM and POTHhelp

Appeared to be successful, then bit erratic due to bad seeing wind shake. The software has worked perfectly fine on this task for the last few years. Messages produced when trying to Calibrate “Found No Cam! The easiest way is to use a command shell like this: There are so many versions out there. The check boxes are used only to indicate capabilities of the Scope, Dome and Focuser. You currently have 0 signatures.

When Starry Night installed, it went in with “Administrator” level rights.

I set it up with the same mount dimensions that I used for AstroMC.