Once the computer knows to direct data from any print command to the proper port, commands can be sent from any software program. Ordering Paper and Supplies page 5 Where to order paper and other supplies. Close Form slip Station The strain relief bushings and the cable clamp are shipped in the box and help secure the cables. The value of m selects the mode as follows: Model xxx Model xxx 5.

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Trailing Edge Chapter 5: The other 64K page is available for user data storage.

Communication Interface Communication Overview In order for the printer to communicate with the host, a communication link must be set up. In A Native Mode, slip graphics are 8-bit.

NCR Axiohm POS Thermal Receipt Printer | eBay

If a Carriage Return is specified as a separator 0x27 0x0Da final Carriage Return must still terminate the parsing parameter string. Select Receipt Station Any print command is required to print the data, after which the printer returns to normal processing mode. Minimum line height is 7 dots. Contact your Axiohm authorized service organization for information on where to send the printer.


This is a completely new feature, and new commands handle reads, writes, and memory management. Only bit 0 is used.

Open the front cover and set the DIP switches to the settings in the table for the test you want to run. If the printer is reset or the Clear 0x10 is received, the feed roller and platen are opened. The Hexadecimal control code. The printer’s model number appears on a label on the right side of the printer.

Axiohm 7156 Owner’s Manual

It may be used to overwrite single characters. Thick paper reduces the copy capability. Sets the absolute vertical print starting position for buffer character data in Page Mode. Unidirectional printing reduces column alignment tolerances and provides higher quality printing.

However user-defined characters are not automatically stored in flash, to prevent possibly printing the wrong characters after a printer power cycle. This 71556 similar to the information printed on the receipt during the axohm test. Print Characteristics Character Size This section shows the dot pattern for characters printed on the receipt and slip stations.

It does not indicate an error. Multiple sensors may be selected to signal when paper has run out.

Extra long forms may need to be inserted from the side to disengage the Form Stop. When this lone DLE byte is finally processed out of the buffer it will be interpreted as a Clear Printer command. Not Busy at the RS interface.


It prints receipts, validates and prints checks, and prints on a variety of single- or multiple-part axiiohm. The characters can be marked in three ways: If a select command for one station is followed by a select for another station with no data sent for the first station, only the second station will be selected.

Impact user-defined characters written to flash. The print starting position is reset to column one after each line. One 64K page is available for user-defined characters and multiple logos. This book describes only RSC models of the printer. Tear off the end of the new roll so that the edge is loose.

Leave some slack in the cord to route through the strain relief 7165 a later time.