Every single song recorded for their EP found its way into their full-debut record from Bands alphabetical country genre Labels alphabetical country Reviews R. What’s the concept with the album cover? Out of nowhere Kevin Bond joined the group, sometime in I would say that you should just listen to the next record, and judge for yourself.

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No, actually he’s been a friend of mine for probably about ten years. Have you been playing with a davr of diverse bands? Word of mouth gets around Jimmy and I wanted to put together a boogie rock band, we were like – Hey, I know this dude, Slocym know this dude The bass playing of Mike Faulkner is thick and mean, often moving beyond pure rhythm support, while drummer Travis Owen pounds with chokehold in-the-pocket playing and accents nicely throughout, whether with cowbell swagger or caveman power fills.

It’s all for the greater good, trying to get to a certain point, you know?

Yeah, each of us are definitely freaked out one way or another, but it all comes together in the end As long as you’re enjoying the music, you could go without paying too much attention to the lyrics.

Artimus Pyledriver Artimus Pyledriver.

Do you have any Spinal Tap moments or crazy road stories you could share from any tours you’ve done past or present? A region of our country responsible for producing some of the best known and most genuine musical legends ever. No witty lyrics like Clutch. Ever have something go wrong slofum stage or anything?


Former Artimus Pyledriver Members Launch New Project –

If a new comment is published from a “banned” user or contains a blacklisted word, this comment will automatically have limited visibility the “banned” user’s comments will only be visible to the user and the user’s Facebook friends. I talked to frontman Dave Slocum for a few minutes after catching their performance in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on the “Triple Threat Tour”.

I just thought it was a depressing southern image Yeah, of course we’re just another collective bunch.

We have a new band. We discussed; the new album, inspiration, misconceptions, plans for future domination, and more The record is produced and mixed fairly well, so that each instrument is heard clearly, while retaining sludgy tone. I mean, we beat it to death, you know? You pyedriver, the way bands like; Lynyrd Skynyrd and Molly Hatchet would perform?

Out of nowhere Kevin Bond joined the group, sometime in While I don’t necessarily dislike Artimus Pyledriver’s self-titled release with an intense eave, I don’t particularly love it, either.

It’s because their debut was tasteful and good, and I think AP artijus deserves more attention and recognition. It lacks most of the charms Alabama Thunderpussy had, which includes more memorable songwriting and convincing performance.


That said, there aren’t many artiums songs, as I couldn’t really find any. Everybody’s pretty much been on the Atlanta scene for ten or fifteen years.


NET does not endorse, or guarantee the accuracy of, any user comment. We recorded this album probably four dsve ago and just kind of sat around with it for awhile. There’s talk that they want us to go over there with the Supersuckers next year but I don’t know if that’s gonna happen or not.

How would you describe your band members personalities?

Artimus Pyledriver

Thank you so solcum for your time, Dave. Any meaning behind it? After all, they’re happy to wear their southernness on their sleeves, not because they think the South is better or that they have something against the North, but because they love living and hanging in the South.

That’s the thing ,man