I went to follow the instructions in this link and found it was already set at the higher 48K from a fresh Install. Oddly, Win Media Player won’t work with it. I couldn’t get my EMU to respond at all after my upgrade. Posted on Tue, May 11 Those also might be factors, as the PCIe uses a different drivers. There are beta drivers for Win7 available on EMu’s site but its not a sure guarantee on whether it will run properly.

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Send a private message to Bubbagump. Is it safe to buy one of these cards to use on Win 7 x64 these days?

windows 7 and emu pci soundcard

PS Yes, I’m a computer guy by trade. It does look like we’re doomed in the future regarding emu.

Very rusty but I think the last version of patchmix was 1. I use the analog ins and outs, and the lightpipe ins an outs, and the midi ports. Funny realy, because I was ultra nervous about buying the m all those years back because of Creative’s flaky reputation but I have to say the m has given me nothing but excellent service.

Alot of bashing on EMU? I was running Windows 7 with an E-MUworking very well. It never fails for me. I haven’t been using a lot of tracks with yet. I started with XP32, then again with XP64 and used it that way for a long time with zero issues by making sure all my Windows files were up to date and all the drivers were also up to date for ALL my devices.


m: E-MU Announces New Windows 7 Beta Driver – Cockos Incorporated Forums

The OC just has compression and reverb. Just make sure that the bit drivers work with Windows 7 it just says Vista 64 on the webpage. I know that the drivers are a little different for that, but as for the support they offer Find More Posts by jonmatifa. Originally Posted by Bubbagump. EMU sucks, cause they are definitely loosing their customers maybe me too? It took emu months after Vista to sort out Drivers. The Emu forums are pretty useless eindows getting help. Ferguson Moderator Tuesday, February 17, 5: I think I will buy one and give it a try.

Originally Posted by Billy M. I had to do a new install with this latest build as you can’t upgrade an earlier build with this one. Send to Recycle Bin Delete Permanently. You cannot edit your posts in this forum. Any recommendations for an alternative with similar features?


EMU 1616 and Windows 7 64 bit OS

No sound comes out When I play music online or just windows music player There is no activity at all on the peak meters on my “wave” strip. Should auld acquaintance be forgot–hey, who the hell are you guys? I actually seen that driver issue you’re talking about prior to posting this. Guitarpima I’ve been using my card for quite a while.

Sometimes about once every two weeks I get an ugly bluescreen all of a sudden, without any program running, with no specific driver mentioned. He goes on to say it should wok on all creative PCI cards. Are the ‘drivers’ the only pci/pciee that need to be downloaded or do I also need to download the software for patchmix?

I am using Windows 7 x64 Ultimate.