They can mean lithology changes butalso oceur when strongly cemented intervals arepenetrated. Environment of deposition from wire linelogs. Box-tops should face towards core-barrel. Some genera aregood environmental indicators; however, different species of some generalive in totally different environments. Note that the wellsite palynologist is usually occupied fully withpalynological sample preparation and analyses as his prime duty. The value of environmental reconstructions based on foraminiferidshas been apparent to the petroleum industry for many years.

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EPoX EP-9NPA3J – motherboard – ATX – Socket 939 – nForce4

Hence it is of prime importanceto obtain own copy of this document and study it carefully. Booklet pH indicator paper. Same as opposite page but the lowertrend di ps less than the upper trend. This enables you to carry out your owninvestigations at any time.

It will befilled with sez bottom part of the core. Consequently, greatest care should be exercised tocapture all stratigraphical data right at the source.

Finol Well Report 2 Draw. They can also be used to compare adjacent samples areallyor to compare all samples from one area.


Present log reads x m deeper than the reference log. The “quick look” interpretationusually proves that the reported levels of stratigraphical boundariesbased on cuttings have to be revised to match the wireline logs.

Partially coin-cides with very smallintraclastsBahamite peloids Bioclasts or ooids totatly Subrounded and angular mi- Beales No change of trend, i. Porosity estimates in clastics see Appendix 3.

EPoX EP-9NPA3J – motherboard – ATX – Socket – nForce4 Overview – CNET

Note that taking core slices has to be planned in advance, because MCT’sare normally not on the rig. Zonotrichites called algal intraclastsLumps.

With the help of a needle or tweezers the specimen to be sectioned is transferredunder the microscope from the collective slide to the centre of a glass slide. C-Dip increasing from 0. However, few authors have considered the errorsinvolved. To establish therock type follow the procedures for routine sediment determinationpresented in Appendix 3.

Less cement than mation is sez bycollodasts particles. A particularly simple method applicable to large N ummuJites, in which the medianplane is in any case rarely flat, is as follows.

The timestratigraphical andenvironmental interpretations of these data are normally presented onthis distribution chart as well. B-Progressive shift of azimuth as-sociated with decreasing thenincreasing dip. The log correlation will showan inverse repetition of the lithologicsequence.


Similar powdering may result from regrinding of. When dip ditections are chang-ing, see Chapter 5 “Solution of foldedstructures”. In this casethe matrix is stained and the pore space is void of stain. IOp and also a table ofH. It is advisable to compose a stratigraphical well data sheet seeAppendix 3. Another way of looking at species dominance is to use the entropy con-cept. Substrate Free-living on sediment or clinging to vegetation, pebbles,etc.

The size-volume relationships are shown in Figures 2 and 3. B – Section of higher dip with abourthe same direction as A. A-No change of trend. Institut Francais du Petrol. In general,a set of measurements is rounded off to a mean value, whichis recorded.