It is officially unknown whether this technique is from the Nanto Seiken school or from a style that Amiba copied. A technique Rei performs after witnessing Kenshiro’s Seikyokurin stance, which causes its target to fall into a state of false death. While Mike Haggar used the spinning clothesline first, Zangief developed the spinning piledriver, which Haggar then copied in Final Fight 2. Zangief in Street Fighter II , who has it as a special throw command. A technique used to cut Yuda’s face.

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Rei used this technique to injure Yuda’s face.

Nanto Suicho Ken | Hokuto Renkitōza | FANDOM powered by Wikia

This brutal attack will wipe out almost all of an opponent’s health and in the demo theatre, poor Ann is the victim of this special combo. Damaging, yes, but not awesome enough. Retrieved from ” http: As well spknning the Underworld Drop and the Flower Garland Drop in 2which can be considered as variants. Raw probably has the best version yet, thanks to the new Corner Grapple position in Create-A-Finisher, you can make a top rope Spinning Piledriver.

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Maximum Impact 2 copies Hanzo from Samurai Shodown ‘s version. A barrage of vacuum waves fired in mid-air by Rei against Rofu.


Armor King’s Steiner Screwdriver is a mild and RL-performable variant where it starts with a suplex, then rotates the victim while vertical and drops. The fifth and final swing has him crough slightly and throw a blast leaning slightly to the left. Because of how his power works, he was on the ground, while spinning the enemy in midair using his detached hands.

Kotaro’s third super art in Sengoku Basara 3 is one of these. Rei spins around in midair continuously, surrounded by a multitude of blue circles that shred any enemies who they come into cantact with. It’s called, you guessed it, “Izuna Drop.

Spinning Piledriver

This move is somewhat possible in real life. Both versions are the same – Zangief and Haggar grab their opponents, then jump into the air while spinning which is physically impossibleand slam them down into the ground. He finally uses all that momentum to leap up into a flying piledriver though there’s no spinning in the air. While Mike Haggar used the spinning clothesline first, Zangief developed the spinning piledriver, which Haggar then copied in Piledrvier Fight 2.

Piledrivet technique used to cut Yuda’s face.


The ground is ruptured, and any enemies within range instantly die and spares Rei gameplay-wise. You need to login to do this. It would later be followed by Piledruver Haggar from Final Fight.

Nagase, whose moveset takes a few pages from Hanzo’sonly gets the standard version. Zaki performs a single, graceful looking somersault. Amaterasu retains this move in Marvel vs. It can be done against wheels and tengu, at the very least.

Can be done in the Spider-Man 2 video game. It is the most beautiful looking technique of his style. Simply put, all four players have to attack a stunned enemy at the same time. Same with Demitri, whose command throw is an Izuna Drop. It’s the single most damaging attack in the game and works on everything. Galford’s version can be done either while dashing, or by his hkuto.

During the series, this move impresses other Nanto students and unintentionally earns Yuda’s jealousy. For his appearance in KOF: Rei performs a single, graceful looking somersault.