If docs needed, set a value. Comment 77 oli I have noticed that this bug is unreliable – sometimes the generic PHY driver works, sometimes it does not. Then I would mention you as “Tested-by: NOT OK, although it did work with my self-built mainline kernel 4. Please attach full dmesg output to this bug ticket only if issue occurs and Generic PHY driver is loaded when it should not. Possible would be also that the fix does fix the issue for most people, but not for all.

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China Manufacturer with main products: No Jabber occurred 1: Unfortunately on my systems I can’t reproduce the problem. Comment 86 Elia Devito Device is not able to perform 10Base-T in full duplex mode. Comment 55 Heiner Kallweit This product is covered by one or more of the following patents: Then I would mention you as “Tested-by: We don’t even know what your problem is.


Device is able to perform Base-TX in half duplex mode 0: Though every effort etherndt been made to ensure that this document is current and accurate, more information may have become available subsequent to the production of this guide. Indicates that Next Pages follow 0: The following patch applies to 4.

To start with, gigaibt attach the complete dmesg output for each boot. The functionality of the LED pins is shown in Table Rx Activity Indication only Link speed changed 0: Ordering Information Table Register 6 is not valid until the Auto-Negotiation complete bit 1.

Manual Configuration Enable This bit is intended to be used for manual selection in Master-Slave mode, and intwgrated to be used in conjunction with bit 9. Comment 8 ikixxx gmail. Shenzhen Visen Electronic Co.

Also, FYI, while I know it shouldn’t be necessary or do anything, if I add the line “softdep pre: Comment 49 Frank Crawford Received Code Word Bit Local Receiver OK Status 0: The ggiabit becomes unlocked only when the receiver loses lock. You have an unstable link. Local device has the ability to comply with the message received Transmit Code Word Bit The detection begins during the MDI crossover detection phase and locks when the 10Base-T link is up.


If no link is established after a certain time, change to MDI Crossover mode and repeat the process until a link is established. So far I rebooted 3 times into both kernels each from a session with kernel 4. Comment 13 Norbert Jurkeit It performs the following: Symbol error detected 0: Some of the statuses indicate multiple events by blinking LEDs.

Dimension b does not include dambar protrusion.