There is a “send to” option in the gallery as well as the traditional MMS interface. It even feels like a point and shoot. I went from a Sony CA, a great phone, to this phone, the zn5. Solid is a good word to describe it. While photos were clear and natural, we found they were considerably dimmer than those produced by our cameraphone fav, the Nokia N82 — even after using Kodak’s PerfectTouch tech.

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It should be completely customizable. As the unlikely lovechild of a sweaty fling between Motorola’s engineers and Kodak’s imaging wizards, the ZN5 aims to give cameraphone mainstays like the N82 and the Ki a serious run for their money. No options there besides turning motorolq off. The rest of the phone will be a scratch magnet.

You can connect this Motorola mobile to your television with a cable to display instant slideshows on the big screen. Combine that with relatively artifact-free images, a high-res 2. Call quality is pretty good.

Motorola ZINE ZN5 – Frequency Bands and Network Compatibility

About this product Product Information The CrystalTalk technology of the Motorola ZN5 mobile adjusts and cancels the background motorolla for superb sound clarity. Additional Product Features Family Line. This phone has an amazing camera.


Now for the problems. And on the hardware front, this 5-megapixel pocket shooter does just that. This is not so good as there is zero engineered protection for the lower portion of the lens. Skip to main content.

Show Mohorola Show Less. Please help us spread the word. There is a “send to” motkrola in the gallery as well as the traditional MMS interface. I would recommend this phone to camera phone lovers. The voice dialing feature of this Motorola T-Mobile cellular phone allows you to make a call by simple voice commands. Speaker is loud enough. It even feels like a point and shoot. Even without a data plan you can surf if you have access to a Wifi connection.

What we appear to have then is an excellent digital camera welded to a mediocre mobile phone, a combination that we don’t think serves anybody very well. The plastic surface of the keypad warps quite a bit near the edges, and those edges don’t fit too well with the rest of the phone.


Motorola ZINE ZN5 – Frequency Bands and Network Compatibility

I expected it to be on par with it. Compare this phone to: See the latest cell phones or compare used prices.

Cons- -Keys are not that great to use. Camera colors can be really off, and its can be cumbersome to adjust the settings. If you tend to wear out keypads you’ll want to move on to a different device and bring your point and shoot with you. My older motorola V8 had a terrible camera so I though the ZN5 was a great idea.

Phone is mostly gun metal and bottom is some anti scratch material ca feels like cheap plastic compared to this Cons: How long is the warranty period? Internal memory is MB. The phone is powered by a Lithium-Ion Li-Ion battery.