Custom Computers of Naples, Inc. Angel of Darkness v. For comparison a Ultra runs at a total of MHz memory frequency. The fan is shifted off the center of the core. As many manufacturers have found out in order to appeal with the masses they must be diverse and offer products that will ultimately sell to more people.

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MSI FX5900XT-VTD128 graphics card – GF FX 5900XT – 128 MB

We’re giving it a solid 9 on the HotHardware Heat Meter We removed the two clips holding the cooler in place, and found an adequate application of thermal paste had been applied to the GPU. Since this is the leaked beta version, the test results can be just of conditional interest. But this is the marketing. AOpen Aeolus GeForce FX XT This cooler is similar to Leadtek’s one; the sink’s dx5900xt are decorative as they are not tightly pressed against the memory and they do not embrace all the chips.

You will also notice the PCB is more compact compared to its big brother.

Tested with anisotropic filtering enabled. I was trying to be clever and manually flash another bios into the card to test performance.


MSI’s card makes noise least of all, Chaintech’s is the loudest, though it didn’t reach the threshold after which noise gets on nerves. As it happens fx900xt this field things do change, and usually it is the demand for a product that makes things change.

The other cards feature only the TV-out.

I have searched on the MSI website and cannot find. Trimp, We get so many people in this forum that flash their ‘s with the Fx55900xt of other companies ‘s and end up making new Key Chains. The memory scores will be lower. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: It’s just the same except the fact that the box is larger though such size is not needed. The other label is called Cooling StarForce and indicates 8 degrees Celsius which means this cooling solution is suppose to keep this card 8 degrees cooler than the reference cooling solution.

In a nutshell here are the main differences in the NV35 lineup starting with the fastest card at the top.

Its pixel pipeline configuration is 4×2 and that remains the same for the XT. Well, yes, it’s true though there are some stipulations. Benchmarks With Unreal Tournament Home Help Search Login Register. The second option was preferable, and during a certain period such cards had the crippled chip but a normal bit bus. As you can see the FXXT is shorter in length and the less power components are needed.


Then they come here to complain. A copper-like roundish sink with a fan in the center. Today we will test three more production series cards based on the FX XT. Chaintech’s board has a pretty good package contents but its cooler doesn’t suit for overclocking needs.

MSI FXXT-VTD Videocard Review –

Well since you were experimenting and knew the risks before you started, that is a completely different story. No need to get excited. I’ll post a link here in case anyone msk has a similar problem – it worked for me. Please login or register. It’s not the end of my world and I’m not complaining.

Video 3Digests Video cards: All the cards tested ran steadily during the tests and didn’t overheat. The question is why do they follow such policy? With a bit more searching I managed to find website with many saved bios files.