Kernel controlled graphics modes Part 4: Extended-Depth-of-Field focus-stacking for combing layers of focus to increase depth. Comments Immutable Page Search: Support of CPUs Recommended article: PCF pmic driver commit w1:

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The code been changed to use pointers for that structure instead of using the stack and some scalability problems have been resolved, ,t9m111 possible to run machines with CPUs and make easier to support even more in the future. Another features added to the memory controller in this release are hierarchy support, per-cgroup swappiness, improved per-cgroup reclaim stats and better oom handling.

FireWire Release Notes for Linux 2.

Product Description Additional Information Software. What’s new in 2. Other sources about 2. In the kernel side, only the Intel driver is getting modesetting linus in this release support for other drivers is being worked on and will be merged in future releases.

drivers/media/i2c/soc_camera/mt9mc – kernel/bcm – Git at Google

Email to a Friend. Implement auto-negotiation commitSFT In this release, it also can encrypt the file name via a passphrase-derived mount-wide Filename Encryption Key FNEK specified as a mount parameter. Fun with cpumasks Many parts of the Linux core code support such number of CPUs, but there were problems with the cpumask-specific code, which is the part of the system used to represent all the CPUs in the system.


Be the first to review this product Email to a Friend. Preview and capture resolutions can be set independently, allowing you to simultaneously view high-speed, low-resolution live video, while capturing higher-resolution images or video.

Captures both video and images with independent preview and capture resolutions.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Crypto Add shash interface commit Export shash through hash commit 9. Using a standard USB 2. Comments Immutable Page Search: B to computer SN Ratio: Initial machine support commit AT Disable firmware debug message output … […]. Pass information about ioports to userspace V2 commit swiotlb: Initial architecture support files commitcommitcommit ep93xx: Add support for unlabeled network hosts and networks commit 5.

[linux-dvb] mt9mc in latest v4l-dvb doesn’t compile under fc9.x86_64

mt9111 It uses zlib compression lzma will be added in the future to compress both files, inodes and directories. Removed use of the BKL” is included in the Linux 2. Prominent features the cool stuff 1. Add Celeron Core support to p4-clockmod.


Fibre Channel over Ethernet commit lpfc: Swap management lnuxcommitcommitcommit ; hierarchy commitcommitcommitcommitcommitswappiness commitreclaim stats commitoom-killer commit 1. Because filename encryption expands the length of the filename during the encoding stage, eCryptfs will not properly handle filenames that are already near the maximum filename length.

The commit for this change in Linux stable tree is dec2f09 patch. It’s getting included in the same way ext4dev was merged to improve the development. We use cookies to continually optimize and update mt9111 website.

[linux-dvb] mt9m111.c in latest v4l-dvb doesn’t compile under

Both unencrypted and encrypted filenames can reside in the same lower filesystem. When eCryptfs encounters this prefix, it decodes the filename into a tag 70 packet and then decrypts the packet contents using the FNEK, setting the filename to the decrypted filename.

Wireless Release Notes for Linux 2.