I own a few other Audio Interfaces and though this is not the absolute best sounding of the three, its the most convenient. This is not my first mixing desk so point of comparison, but I guess at that price converters must not be the best in the market. It’s just a shame for live. A call of foutage of mouth. Another important point from which t said before, the drivers are unstable if you use the table as a sound card for windows. It took me a few minutes and a little help from the manual to get a good grasp on the effects section. I would have preferred more input and less stereo microphones

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Did you find this review helpful? I also own a Presonus Firepod and Firebox and all mutlimix of them preform quite well with very little latency.

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The choice is quickly made because I’m dj Students then I eat pasta all week, I would not invest in something monstrous! After it works with the version of Cubase LE comes. Arpe is not high-end preamp nNo more.

Its in brand new condition, so I am happy with that price. Our members also liked: The grip mhltimix quite simple, just look at it with a semblance of logic.

Alesis MultiMix 16 USB 2.0

There are 99 presets in total Hall reverb 10x – 10x reverb Room – 10x Plate Reverb – Reverb Chamber 10x – 10x Chorus – Flanger 10x – 10x delay – 10x pitch – etc. The manual was ok. I own a few other Audio Interfaces and though this is not the absolute best sounding of the three, its the most convenient. I put 7 as the price has as much rglages than its competitors. It is not rackable alone. What I like about this table it is mostly the sound card hand that can record simultaneously 16 independent tracks in Cubase.


The ratio quality price is right, even if it is prvoir possibly buying a license Cubase worthy of the name. No adjustment gains for stereo voice. I only used them once before I solve my problem incompatible firewire card.

This works well plutt, except when I sometimes cuts and my Multimix “disparate” suddenly. If it is wise, kind in the -3 db, no breath. The use of the table is very simple! Not rack 8 mic preamp, 8 stereo voice, 1 stereo main output, 1 stereo for voice transfer, the two outputs, headphone jack.

I have not tried other models, and if j’tais rich, I took a n12 from Yamaha or a Mackie Onyx with firewire card. Although not parametric mids frequency settingthe 3-band EQ is effective.

I do not know if this is the instability of the drivers it would be surprising is Right? The usual functions are obvious, it is again in a serious problem not to find them!

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I assume there are some rack ears built to hold this. With the exprience and in the same situation no money I referrer the same choice as I have recorded with her dj: You can find the firewire version very cheaply used, jump at the chance! I have two that I put in series, which allows me to save and restore 32 separate tracks that happiness. Small problem, however, for the management of stage monitors: Besides that, it is very quiet.


There are 2 sends and 2 returns. I sold it because I wanted a table allowing me to record a demo in a home studio or live concert I find it it not very cool The equalizer is a little lightweight as it only has three bands Low, Med and High and mulltimix pots are not hyper prcis.

However, I am particularly pleased and opportunities offered through the firewire interface. The manual is in English, just a quick start guide in French that it is always advisable to read but is trs brief 5 pages small, not really saturated info.